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Freelance backend development, devops engineering, security.

I usually prefer working with small, growing organizations, but might make an exception for interesting projects. I strongly believe in using the right tool for the job, so a full list of all tech I’ve worked with is a bit long (but available on request). Here are a few tools I’ve grown particularly fond of over the years:

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I have been writing software since 1998, and working in IT since 2007. A few highlights:

Snooty Software, my development tooling startup

I started Snooty Software with Joachim Nolten to build products that automate the repetitive parts of programming.

Zerocopter, a security startup

Initially brought on to help with a small devops project, ended up staying a few years to professionalize infrastructure and application security.

Silk, a data visualization startup

After nearly a decade of mainly developing software, I wanted to try my hand at full-time SRE work.

Blendle, a journalism startup

Joined right at the start together with two others, as the initial development team.

Open Embassy, a social enterprise

Open Embassy is an online helpdesk that enables status holders (refugees with a permit) to ask questions about their integration process in a privacy proof private chatroom.

Accessibility experiments

I like tools like Dragon NaturallySpeaking (speech recognition) to write prose, and Talon (eye-tracking, noise recognition, and an extremely customizable speech recognition platform) for everything else. They let me healthily use a computer for many hours a day.

Over the years I’ve added a few experiments of my own:


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Sometimes I write about tech.