Lucas Luitjes

Freelance backend developer, ops engineer, pragmatist.

Keywords: UNIX, Ruby, Elixir, security, PostgreSQL, Ansible, varnish, trade-offs, cucumber, recruiting, end-to-end testing, AWS, reliability, monitoring, human-ops, ELK, meta-programming, strace (and its friends), pair-programming, and many many more.


I have been obsessed with technology for as long as I can remember, and have been working in the web development/ops/security field for about a decade. A few highlights over the last couple of years:

Snooty Software

I started Snooty Software with Joachim Nolten to build products that automate the repetitive parts of programming. We recently launched Textractor, a tool that prepares Rails ERB templates for internationalization.

For an example of what goes on under the hood of Textractor, check out my post on using XPath to query AST, published by Ruby Inside.

Zerocopter, a security startup

Silk, a data visualization startup.

Blendle, a journalism startup.

Breach assessment and infrastructure rebuild.

For a former client I assessed the impact of a security breach and helped them rebuild their entire network, including workstations and servers.

Research and pro bono highlights

Open Embassy

Open Embassy is an online helpdesk that enables status holders (refugees with a permit) to ask questions about their integration process in a privacy proof private chatroom.


TBDT is a novel approach to preventing correlation attacks on anonymity networks such as Tor and I2P.

It uses asymmetric crypto to enforce dummy traffic, rendering a passive global attacker unable to do correlation attacks on low-latency anonymity networks. It's not intended for actual usage due to various issues related to reliability and performance.


If you want to hire me or have a look at my full resume, feel free to contact me through LinkedIn or

See here for my Github profile.